Why does the owner want paying in US Dollars only ?

Why does the owner want paying in US Dollars only ?

Villa owner wants to be paid in US Dollars only

The US based owner of this villa only accepts payments in US Dollars as they do not have a facility to accept payment in British Pounds and if they were to receive British Pounds, they would incur high bank charges and an unfavourable exchange rate to do so.

Also with currency exchange rates being very volatile following BREXIT, the owner wishing to be paid in US Dollars does not want to expose themselves to the exchange rate changing when the final balance is due and losing out financially as a result.

This should not be a problem for you as there are many ways to pay in US Dollars when your native currency is different.

  • Many UK banks now offer an online foreign exchange facility where you can wire US Dollars to a US bank account safely and securely and the charges are around £25 per transaction.
  • Online foreign exchange companies like xe.com and afex.com offer better exchange rates and lower fees than banks and they offer an easy way to setup an online account.
  • Most owners have a facility to take payment by credit card and will email you a payment link which enables you to make a payment in US Dollars on your UK card - your card issuer makes the conversion to GBP
  • Many banks offer a foreign exchange credit card which have competitive exchange rates and no transaction charges - one of the best is the Halifax Clarity Credit Card
  • There are a number of very competitive Prepaid Currency Cards available from the likes of FairFX and Caxton which offer very competitive exchange rates and you can easily load the cards with more US Dollars with a handy smartphone app