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Orlando Villa Rental

Orlando Villa Rental

Orlando Villa Rental


We have been asked to investigate a growing trend in the holiday trade.  Increasingly, travel agencies and the like are being excluded from the activity which earns their bread and butter.  Folks are sorting out their Orlando villa rental holidays on their own and travel agents are not best pleased!  This was almost bound to happen when so many private investors have bought holiday homes and everyone logs on almost daily to the internet.  These two developments have come together in the form of Orlando villa rental holidays.

To give some focus to our research, we decided go through the process of booking ourselves a family break, in particular checking our options for Orlando villa rental holidays in Florida.  Very soon we discovered an offering which, if widespread, has to be a magnet for holidaymakers and a slap in the face for travel agents everywhere.

The website I Want A Villa is a joint venture, excluding the middleman, of numerous private owners of luxury Orlando villa rental homes, who all provide private villa holidays situated on the most exclusive villa rental developments in Orlando.  On the same website, those booking one of the Orlando villa rental holidays are also able to get quotes for cheap flights to Florida, car hire or taxi services when there and airport parking, as well as pre-ordering discount attraction tickets for Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World, Busch Gardens, and others, with all tickets delivered to your Orlando villa rental home address.  With this service, who needs a travel agent?

Before booking, we checked and found that villa holidays were available in a choice of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 bedroom luxury Orlando rental villas.  Very quickly we recognised that an essential ingredient of all Orlando villa vacations is to have one’s own privately-screened swimming pool.  Of course, every rental villa had one.  This struck us as an obvious plus of all luxury villa holidays.  Don’t we all have our own ideas of fun when it comes to water?  And in a hotel, fellow guests don’t often agree with us, particularly with mixed nationalities.  This got us thinking about other hotel holiday causes of friction, such as noise within the building.  Here again, Orlando villa rental holidays scored highly with us.

We could see so many advantages for private villa rental holidays that we finally took the plunge, had the holiday, wrote up the findings from our research, and straight away booked next year’s Orlando villa rental holiday.  Its villa holidays for us again.  See you in Orlando!