Luxury Villa Near Disney

Luxury Villa Near Disney

Rent a luxury villa near Disney


I read the letters about holidays in a newspaper last Wednesday and just had to add by moans for good measure. OK, in our case it was a holiday in Florida, and we got back home a month ago. Florida was fine, no complaints there, but value for money it wasn’t. But I know now that it could have been which annoys me even more!

You see, we thought we were being smart when we booked into a hotel. My friend Doris booked the same area, for the same period, but she went to rent a luxury villa near Disney, and we thought that’s not a holiday, what with preparing your own meals and that. So we suggested they could have a break from time to time from their luxury villa near Disney and join us for meals and other activities at our hotel.

We duly arrived at our hotel and checked out the rooms, pool, restaurant, etc. After our flight we decided to have an early night. Doris phoned the next day to describe her luxury villa near Disney, about which she was, shall we say, gushing? I was not in the best of moods because none of us could say we slept, what with the racket coming from adjacent rooms and the floor above. Our complaints to the hotel management were countered with comments about mutual tolerance, and the like.

Doris phoned again, asking if we would like to join them at the pool at their luxury villa near Disney. I must confess I did respond with some smugness, imagining their luxury villa near Disney would have a postage stamp of a pool, whereas the hotel’s was what you would expect at a hotel. I said maybe we would drop by later and check out their luxury villa near Disney.

Later that day my Husband had a disagreement at our hotel pool - something about drenching a few German sunbathers when he jumped in. I suppose he could do with losing a little weight. Anyway, we couldn’t keep putting it off, so we looked up the location of the luxury villa near Disney and drove off.

Our instructions mentioned a lake, which we thought of more like “turn left at the Red Lion pub”, so you can imagine our surprise when the luxury villa near Disney we had to look out for was right there not far from the greens and bunkers! And this was some luxury villa rental indeed, apparently one of numerous villa rentals near Disney to be found on the exclusive Windsor Hills Resort, Kissimmee, Orlando. When we saw the luxury villa pool I could have choked with envy.

We spent most of the remainder of our holiday with Doris’ family at the luxury villa near Disney, and even slept over a few times when we guessed the hotel was going to be noisy again. When we considered that our holiday cost half as much again as Doris’, we resolved to also be independent from now on and rent a luxury villa near Disney in Orlando next time.

With Disney just 2 miles drive away, Doris's luxury villa near Disney was an obvious choice. Whereas we were in the thick of it with all the hustle & bustle, Doris was in a tranquil setting in her Disney villa rental. She could buy her Disney tickets, Universal Tickets, Sea World Tickets from Kissimmee Guest Services and have the Disney tickets delivered direct to her luxury villa near Disney.