Why Are Villa Holidays So Great

Why Are Villa Holidays So Great

Compared to the traditional hotel-based holidays, modern-day Orlando villa holidays are far more convenient and fun.

Orlando Villa Holidays

If you are a family, all trying to all fit into one hotel room, it cannot be not fun or comfortable for all – so you are faced with having to pay for 2 or more rooms for all of you to fit in comfortably which can be expensive and somewhat antisocial, to say the least.

Now compare that to renting your own luxury villa with your own private pool – a typical 2 week holiday would cost you say £1,300 which spread across a typical family of 6 would only cost less than £15.50 a DAY each and for that you don’t have to share your pool with others. Also, if you go are travelling as 2 families together, share a larger Orlando villa for your holidays and the cost per person drops even further.

Orlando villa holidays offer even more benefits – no regimented meal times, cook the food you like when you like, laundry facilities so you can pack less leaving space for all those designer clothes from the malls, TV’s in all bedrooms, games room, some villas even have home cinemas and loads more.

If you don’t want to drive – that’s not a problem either as UBER is very active in the area and very affordable and convenient especially if you use their app on your smartphone.

All theme parks and attractions are all within easy reach of all our villa communities & resorts so why pay over the top to stay in a hotel – just doesn’t make sense and once you have experienced an Orlando villa holiday you will never consider a hotel again for a family holiday.