Things to do apart from the usual theme parks in Florida

Things to do apart from the usual theme parks in Florida

Florida is synonymous with theme park attractions drawing tourists from all over the world. Here, visitors can opt to have one of a kind vacations by customizing their itineraries and trying out new activities. To make your vacation enjoyable, visitors should also consider staying in a villa near Davenport and Kissimmee. Promising comfort and convenience, it’ll certainly push your trip to the next level!

Benefits of choosing a villa

While seeking out the unknown is a great thrill on holidays, having a comfortable home to return to at the end of the day makes for an enjoyable experience. A hotel might be convenient, but it is also a commercialized accommodation. Meanwhile, choosing a villa and booking it directly with its owner will allow you the option to personalize your stay to suit your needs. Whether you are a big family or a couple on vacation, there are numerous villas you can choose from.

Websites like allow you to rent vacation homes directly with the owner. The advantage of this is that there is no middleman in the transaction so there will be no hidden charges as well. What you book will be the place you will stay at and it will be easy to coordinate with the owners upon arrival. Luxury for the whole family does not have to come at outrageous prices! The best part about this type of accommodation is that guests will have access to their own private pools and they can even have barbecue parties in the backyard. Attractions are also just a short drive away from the villas so it’s all very convenient. Overall, it’s the perfect recipe for that family bonding weekend!

Activities aside from visiting theme parks

Now while Florida may be known for its theme parks, there are still a lot of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. For visitors who might want to go out of the ordinary for their planned activities, let us get to know some options that you can try out during your vacation.

Visit Posner Park Shopping Mall

Shopping is always on everyone’s itinerary when on vacation. Whether it’s buying souvenirs, going around the local shops, or eating at the restaurants in the area, there is no better place to go than Posner Park Shopping Mall. This attraction is a combination of a lifestyle park and urbanized shops that will surely entice even your kids. You can enjoy the day strolling or looking for cheap finds during your vacation.

Try your hand at golf

If you are among those who have not yet tried this out, then it’s about time! Going on a golf excursion with the family will bring about a new level of bonding and fun. There are several golf courses in the area near the villas, and this has proved to be quite the convenience for visitors who might want to try out the sport.

Ride the Kissimmee air boats while exploring

Another unique adventure to go for is to ride airboats. Imagine this – riding through swamps and waterways while enjoying the view of natural reserves. you will be hard pressed to find a similar activity elsewhere. Suitable for all ages, charter an airboat or go with group sight-seeing tours on your next trip.

Spend the day relaxing at Lake Louisa State Park

Tranquil afternoons await you during your stay in Lake Louisa State Park. Go on a day trip enjoy the scenery and activities up on offer. You can even take a dip at Lake Louisa, which has a designated swimming area. Take time to walk around the area amongst the cypress trees, live oak, and palmettos. Have a picnic, bring you music, and find your spot.

Eat Local at True Blue Winery

Considered as one of the favourite haunts of locals for dining and drinking wine, visitors should make their way to this establishment in Davenport. Opened in 2012, this restaurant serves up authentic brick oven pizza and sumptuous blueberry wines. This might just be the best way to experience the local hospitality in the are

See Florida from another perspective with a hot air balloon ride

Not for travellers with acrophobia, getting on that hot air balloon is a thrilling experience, giving you a rare view of Florida. Look up some local companies which provide hot air balloon rides and marvel at the 360-degree view of Florida all around you. Not everyone can say that they did this, and it is another thing to tick off for anyone’s bucket list!

While Florida offers up world-class theme parks and rides, don’t miss out on the rest of the exciting activities this place has to offer. The best part amidst all this adventure is that you can thoroughly feel at home because you have the choice to rent your own villa. Prepare for a stress-free vacation for you and your family who do not want any glitches with your plans! For more destination guides and accommodation reviews, hotels and vacation rentals in Florida, check out Trip101.