Guess what ! ...Today is the 2nd Anniversary of Dolphin Tale !

Guess what ! ...Today is the 2nd Anniversary of Dolphin Tale !

There's no better way to celebrate than with "Winter, the Dolphin that Can !" Go back to where it all started with the NEW Documentary, "Winter, the Dolphin that Can," the inspiring real-life story behind the #1 box office hit Dolphin Tale, including never-before-seen footage !


 A little background to Dolphin Tale

On the 10th December 2005, a baby dolphin caught in a crab trap rope is rescued, beginning a series of events that has become one of the most inspiring stories of our generation.

Click on to travel behind the scenes of Winter’s amazing true story. See footage of the actual rescue, and follow her through the trials of losing her tail, learning to swim without a tail, and the miracle of swimming again with her new prosthetic tail.

Learn how the tail research is now helping human amputees. Hear from the real-life Clearwater Marine Aquarium team, and experience the joy of children and wounded soldiers who have found her to be a life-changing role model.

To see Winter the dolphin at Clearwater Marine Aquarium please click on where you will find further details on the facilities on offer and how to get there etc....

CMA is only a 90 minutes drive from all the popular vacation rental home resorts in Orlando, so why not visit a true dolphin conservation organisation instead of the commercial profit making SeaWorld.