First Trip to Orlando, Florida – Hotel or Villa Rental Home ?

First Trip to Orlando, Florida – Hotel or Villa Rental Home ?

Jasmine 1 villa on Highlands Reserve

We first holidayed in Florida in 1997 and fell in love with the Sunshine State.  We have been returning every year since and have been fortunate enough to travel around much of the state and meet wonderful people and discover the many diverse faces of Florida.  We love visiting the theme parks in Orlando but it is everything beyond Disneyworld and Universal Studios that has kept us coming back year after year.  The sugar white sands of the gulf coast beaches, the tropical flora and fauna of the state parks, the dolphins, manatees, tropical fish, loggerhead turtles and much more.  Florida can be all action or total relaxation and we never get tired of exploring it.  We hope to share our experiences with you through our Florida blog and hopefully highlight some of the many hidden treasures that Florida has to offer.

On our first trip we travelled with our own two children, aged 5 and 8, and another family of five, with children aged 17, 15 and 8.  After exploring the hotel options both at the Disneyworld Resorts and in the Kissimmee Orlando area we decided that hotel accommodation would not suit the needs of our group.  As anyone who travels with kids knows keeping teenagers happy is no mean feat !!  We began to research the options for villa vacation rental homes and were surprised by the choice and value that a villa rental home in Orlando represented.  We rented a luxury villa with a private pool and were staggered at what amazing value for money it was.  The villa was stunning and fantastically well equipped - we actually enjoyed the vacation home in Orlando as much as we did the rest of the trip !! 

View of Jasmine 1 villa pool

Your choice of accommodation on your trip to Orlando Florida makes a huge difference to the overall experience.  Let me share with you a few of the reasons that renting a villa in Orlando suited us;

  • No need to rush down to the pool in the morning to reserve a sun lounger or trying to cool off in an overcrowded pool. Your private pool is all yours, all day and all night.
  • Pool safety screens in all Orlando Vacation rental villas keep young children safe whilst the rest of the family enjoy being by the pool
  • Vacation homes in Orlando are large enough to accommodate large extended family groups and spacious enough to allow everyone to have their own room and enjoy maximum privacy.
  • Multiple bathrooms so no waiting in line for the shower!! Some villas have en-suites to all bedrooms
  • No need to put up with noisy hotel guests in your private vacation villa.
  • Eat when you feel like it on your timetable. There are well-equipped kitchens in all Orlando villas, full-size fridge, oven microwave etc
  • Order in a takeaway or cook a meal when the kids are too tired to go out, or just don’t want to get out of the pool.
  • Enjoy a quiet relaxed drink by the pool when the kids are tucked up safe in bed.
  • Enjoy a barbeque or alfresco dinner or breakfast by the pool
  • Rent a private villa in Orlando with private pool is cheaper than getting hotel rooms
  • No arguing over who gets to watch what on TV, most Orlando rental villas come with TV’s in all bedrooms and family rooms. Games systems such as Wii or Playstation are often provided too.
  • Games rooms are often provided free of charge
  • Internet access throughout the Orlando Vacation home is provided free of charge
  • Laundry rooms in all villas allow you to pack light and save your luggage allowance for all of your holiday purchases.
View of Jasmine 1 family room

We were able to really relax and settle into our vacation rental villa in Orlando and enjoyed “living” in a home away from home rather than being cramped in a hotel room.

Now you may be asking yourself is renting an exclusive, private, spacious villa expensive ? 

Well, this is the best bit, the answer is NO.......!!

A four bedroom, three bathroom villa with private pool and conservation view situated on an exclusive golf resort costs from just £90 / $145 per night for 8 people – that’s just over £11 / $20 per person per night - try and get that kind of deal in a hotel”

Jasmine 1 villa on Highlands Reserve - Privacy, Exclusivity, Space & Value