ATOL Flight-Plus and how it affects your future travel

ATOL Flight-Plus and how it affects your future travel

You may have heard the words “ATOL Flight-Plus” and “ATOL Certificate” lately, and if you haven’t, you soon will.

Here’s a little bit of background… the Air Travel Organisers' Licensing (ATOL) regime is a financial protection scheme for holidaymakers regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Historically the majority of holidays bought were classed as “package holidays” and they were indeed financially covered by ATOL protection. However, customers required more choice and flexibility when choosing their holidays and the idea of “tailor-made” holidays became the norm. Unfortunately for customers this also meant some financial protection was lost.

New ATOL scheme explained

In April this year (2012) the CAA introduced a new level of ATOL protection called ‘Flight-Plus’, which covers holidays where you book a flight and accommodation or car hire with your travel supplier within one day of each other, rather than purchasing a ready-made package holiday.

ATOL Cerificate

The latest implementation of this scheme means that from the beginning of October it is compulsory for your travel supplier to provide you with a certificate showing exactly what is covered under ATOL, so please look out for this. If you do not get this you are not ATOL protected and could be at financial risk.

So, what does this mean for you ?

This new level of protection means ATOL protection now offers financial security for air package holidays and Flight-Plus sales. But please be aware there are still exclusions, for example if you decide to book accommodation and flights separately yourself and bookings made on-line using ‘click-through’ websites are in the majority of cases not covered.

Why take the risk ?

Travel Counsellors - With us it's personal

Travel Counsellors can offer you financial protection above and beyond that provided by the Government’s ATOL regime, which still does not cover everything. They have an independent trust account as well as additional insurances which financially covers everything that you book that falls outside of the scheme and are proud to be the leaders in financial protection in the travel industry.

In fact because they’ve always looked after their customers in this way, they were the first travel company to be officially accredited by the CAA for Flight-Plus.

ATOL Protected logo

They also understand that their corporate clients will not always fall under the ATOL regime. However they ensure that your money is still completely financially protected through their trust.

With Travel Counsellors (who we work with), you will have 100% confidence that your money is safe when you book with them.

Want to find out more ?

For more information and to discuss your future travel plans, please contact Donna Meredith at Travel Counsellors