A Journey To Top 6 Beaches In Florida

A Journey To Top 6 Beaches In Florida

Florida is one of the leading tourist destinations in the United States of America; it has one of the longest coastlines extending to a distance of over 2000 kilometers. Many tourists prefer to visit Florida due to the ample atmosphere and a wide range of beaches. For foreigners one needs to apply for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) to aid in your traveling and accessing various beaches in Florida. One can apply for ESTA online prior to a visit. On a vacation to Florida staying in a vacation rental home, one will get to explore the following top six beach locations.

 Beautiful Florida Beaches

Sanibel Island

  • Sanibel island with its exclusive layout of east-west unlike the typical north-south layout; it houses an historic lighthouse.
  • The beach has an extensive coverage of sand and during low tides; one can explore the aquatic life of scallop shells and cockles.
  • Leading fun activity on a visit to Sanibel beach include collecting of shells and a stroll at the historic lighthouse, it is a best family picnic site.


  • Located in South Florida, Naples is an urban setting on the coastal shores; the town has an ample million shillings bungalows set up.
  • The white sandy beaches of Naples present its visitors with a serene sun basking, strolling and golfing experience.

Miami Beach

  • The coastal resort town is famous for best beaches, shopping malls, clubs and restaurants. Leading attractions in Miami include; Star Island, Ocean Drive, Lincoln Road and Haulover Beach Park.
  • Top activity to engage while on Miami Beach include; surfing, swimming, partying as well a visiting the Bass museum and other state of art buildings with amazing architect designs.

Key West

  • The small Island is well endowed with beaches, best entertainment joints, welcoming residents and occasional festivals.
  • On a visit to Key West the top priorities should include; biking, visiting top picnic sites, great restaurants and night life - virtually every bar has live music.
  • Great scuba diving can be found just off the coast of Key West

West Palm Beach

  • The sparsely populated Palm Beach is an exclusive wealthy beach with best restaurants, hotels and shopping facilities. It homes some of the US renowned wealthy families like; the Rockefellers, the Kennedys, the Vanderbilts as well as upcoming millionaires.
  • On a visit to the West Palm Beach one will get to enjoy a serene calm environment, get a chance to explore marine life, nature walk, view of rare plants species and experience luxurious developments.

Delray Beach

  • Located in Palm Beach County, Delray Beach is one of the leading family destination beaches. The two mile long beach has beautiful composition of sea food restaurants, boutiques, Pineapples Grove Arts District and amazing architectural designs.
  • On a visit to Delray Beach one will get a chance to experience a scenic sun sets, sun bathing, swimming as well as strolling on the sandy beaches.

In deed Florida is a place to be for a retreat, it will offer you a long lasting impression that will make you always prefer to visit Florida on every vacation. To aid in your travelling and exploring of the top beaches in Florida, you need to sign up for an ESTA prior to your visit to make your stay in Florida one of its kind.

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