6 Factors to Consider Before You Rent A Villa

6 Factors to Consider Before You Rent A Villa

Choosing the right kind of villa is a pretty daunting task especially if you have not done it before. How can you be certain that the magnificent and attractive villa you are looking at on the website is truly as depicted in the photographs ?

6 factors top consider before you rent a villa

You need to have your wits about you when choosing villas to rent near Disney as there are a number of dishonest people out there ever so eager to get their hands on your hard-earned money.

Here are a number of factors which everyone should check thoroughly before renting a villa to rent near Disney.

  1. Does the owner have a rental license ?
    All villa owners in Florida have to have a rental license to rent their villas for short term rentals. Ask the owner for their rental license number before committing to renting their villa. All the villas to rent near Disney on the I Want A Villa website are fully licensed, and the license number displayed. Any owner who refuses or is acting evasively when asked for their license number, are either not the owner (scammer) or are trying to avoid paying their taxes & fees by renting their villa out without a license – avoid these “owners” as they are dishonest and cannot be trusted.
  2. How accurate are the photos and description ?
    There are thousands of villa listings on the internet where the photos are several years old and not representative of the villa being shown. Also, avoid any villa listing where the description appears vague or lacking information – these listings invariably are trying to hide something or avoid telling you the truth by omitting information. If the owner cannot be bothered to detail his/her villa for you – don’t bother with them. All listings on I Want A Villa website have latest up-to-date photos taken in most cases by a professional photographer and all descriptions are very detailed about what you can expect to have in the villa so there are no nasty surprises – only WOW !!
  3. Location of the Villa
    Where a villa is located is important if you want to avoid long periods of time stuck in traffic going to your favourite theme parks. Also, how convenient are the local shops for food shopping and restaurants ? It will help to save both money and time during your stay. Every villa listing on I Want A Villa website informs you of the travelling time to local amenities and each resort details travelling time to local attractions.
  4. Which way does the pool face ?
    If you are like most of the visitors to Florida – the Sunshine State – you don’t want to rent a villa where you will be in the shade when trying to sunbathe by the pool. In the cooler months, a northerly or easterly facing pool will render the majority of the day sitting in the shade, so look for southerly or westerly facing pools. In the summer months its irrelevant as the sun is virtually directly above you, so the building will cast very little shadow. All villa listings on I Want A Villa website to indicate the pool direction in the handy icons under the photo strip to help you make an informed decision which villa to book. Many other websites are less than truthful on the pool direction saying that a north facing pool faces south – dishonest !!
  5. The Terms and Conditions
    The terms and conditions for renting the villa should also be easy to find and read so you are fully aware of what to expect and what is expected of you for a trouble-free rental. DO NOT rent a villa until you have read, understood and accepted the T&C’s
  6. Security
    It is important to make sure that the villa you are renting has a security system and provides a safe for your valuables. Also, don’t leave home without travel insurance – only a fool thinks it is a good idea to save what is not a significant amount of money for insurance when there are so many expensive things that could go wrong leaving you seriously out of pocket – what if you fall ill – can you afford a small mortgage for a stay in an American hospital ?