2 Centre Holidays in Florida

2 Centre Holidays in Florida

My wife, Donna and myself are passionate about travel and have been fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout Europe and North America. We have also enjoyed holidays to many other places in the world.

Jasmine 1 villa on Highlands Reserve

With our love of Florida, we took the leap of faith and invested in a beautiful villa on Highlands Reserve Golf & Country Club near Disney World in Orlando back in 2002.  To make ends meet, we rented out our luxury villa and soon found that we had more bookings than we had available dates in our own villa – we therefore approached other owners on Highlands Reserve to offer them these surplus bookings. Off the back of this, we developed a successful villa rental website offering private villas first on Highlands Reserve and then Windsor Hills Resort, then we added Emerald Island Resort and recently we added Watersong Resort and many more - see our selection of premium Orlando vacation rental resorts – all of these luxury villa developments are in the Orlando area catering to the self sufficient traveller who prefers to arrange their own flights & accommodation. Now you know where to come to rent a villa in Orlando.

We found however that after numerous holidays in Florida that there is more to Florida than the theme parks of Orlando and that we started enjoying visiting other parts of Florida including the Keys, the beautiful Gulf Coast islands, Miami, St Augustine and last year, we took our first ever Caribbean cruise – what an eye opener that was !!

So we thought why not make other Orlando travellers aware that they too could enjoy these additional locations and means of travel.

Travel Counsellors - With us its personal

We therefore decided that we should make the investment into the very successful travel company called Travel Counsellors and for Donna to become a Personal Travel Counsellor.  Yes I agree, the name conjures up thoughts of someone who you go to when you experience problems with your holiday – unfortunate name, but in reality, a Travel Counsellor is in fact a home based Independent Travel Agent who through the massive buying power of Travel Counsellors has access to hundreds of travel suppliers and can offer all of the advantages of an independent travel agent, with the added benefits of being able to book directly with suppliers, enabling Donna to offer competitive prices you could not find on the high street or the internet.

Great choice of airlines fly to Orlando in Florida

By being fully independent a Travel Counsellor is not bound by a specific tour operator, therefore can mix and match flights and/or accommodation and create multi centre, tailor made itineraries using Travel Counsellors award winning travel technology. Flying into one airport and departing from another is very simple and not at all stressful to organise.

Now picture this – you have been going to Orlando more than once and visited the parks more times than you care to mention – very enjoyable as it is, but is it just getting a bit too samey !!

Have you considered something different from just Orlando ?

What about combining your luxury villa holiday with a luxury Caribbean cruise, or stay in a splendid beach facing hotel or villa on the Gulf Coast. You could also stay in Key West, Cayman Islands, Cancun, or any other exotic Caribbean Island that takes your fancy. Have you considered how cheap it is to fly by small jet from Orlando to Key West which is just over 1 hour away ? Yes the drive down to Key West is breath taking, but do you really want to drive for a whole day to get there and the same back – that’s 2 days out of your holiday wasted driving in a car !!

Fancy a cruise, Caribbean island, San Francisco, Las Vegas or New York as a 2 centre holiday with Orlando

Why not also combine in a city break in Miami after Key West – thereby starting your holiday flying into Orlando, picking up a hire car and spending a week in a luxury villa in Orlando, then fly to Key West and stay in a beautiful hotel and then finishing off your holiday by flying to and staying in an amazing seafront condo in Miami – you could then flying home from Miami.

Alternatively - why not look further afield and have a city break in New York, San Francisco, or Las Vegas etc.....?

What about the ultimate in stylish luxury travel …. Did you know that there are specialist operators where you can charter a private jet - the sky is the limit and not as expensive as you may expect !!

For your complete peace of mind everything you book with through Travel Counsellors is 100% financially protected by ATOL and the unique Travel Counsellors Trust. Travel Counsellors are the only travel company to offer this complete financial protection.  No ifs, no buts.... It’s that simple !!

Since we started working with Travel Counsellors, we have had excellent feedback from clients who say that the service and expertise provided is second to none.

Please note that Travel Counsellors are not involved in any way with the rental of private villas featured on our websites and the Travel Counsellors financial protection does not apply to villas rented through our websites - they are completely separate transactions.

For more information, please contact Donna direct either by telephone on 01295 275295
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