Multiple Villas Search

Rent 2 villas together in Orlando

Our unique and accurate Multiple Search facility will enable you to find 2 or more available vacation rental homes close together (side by side) on a specific vacation home development. In many cases we have vacation homes available directly next door to each other.

If you are a large group and want to be close together, then this accurate search facility is perfect for you.

To search for 2 or more vacation rental homes together, please enter your Start Date, Depart Date and preferred Currency as a minimum - you can also include in your search the following:

  • Select a specific development or search all developments
  • Desired proximity of the properties i.e. next door to each other
  • Number of properties you want close together (max 4)
  • Min & max number of bedrooms per home (please use sliders)
  • Select Pool Heating if required to have this cost added to quote

If nothing comes up in your search, expand the proximity to "Within 3 doors or across the road" to see if any combinations show in the search results. If still nothing, then expand further and so on.

Remember - this search facility will only show AVAILABLE properties thereby saving you valuable time in finding the perfect cluster of vacation homes for your large group.